While online betting is becoming more and more popular, especially thanks to Bookmaker Bonus Code, there are still some pretty good reasons why you should visit some games once in a while. One of those reasons is certainly food!

A sporting event is not fulfilled without some food to go around. A watching party needs to have some finger food to keep you busy and some beer to get the tension rise higher. It is a pastime that everyone enjoys and loves.

What are the special foods that you can eat when you are enjoying the game at the stands with all the other crazy supporters? Besides beer and hotdogs, even though everyone still enjoys those, there are special kinds of foods that certain teams provide to their fans.

It makes the experience that much unique and is a special kind of attraction that people love.

Here are some sports foods that you can try at different stadiums.

Mac & Cheese Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a specific part of any baseball game in the US. Mac & Cheese is the wholesome food that everyone likes to eat. So why not combine the two together? The Baltimore Orioles certainly have!

So come down to Oriole Park at Camden Yard and enjoy a mac & cheese hot dog with some crab meat.

Chickie’s and Pete’s Crab Fries

No sporting event in Philadelphia is complete without the special Chickie’s and Pete’s crab fries. Whether it’s the Eagles, the Sixers, the Flyers, or the Phillies playing the event wouldn’t be the same without some crusty crab fries that will keep your fingers busy while watching Philly sports.

There is a dipping cup to go for added flavor.

The Tatcho

What do you get when you combine tater tots and nachos? It’s simple – Tatchos! You get some tater tots topped with chili, green onions, spicy nacho cheese, and sour cream. Absolutely perfect for enjoying baseball. You can get this at PNC Park anything the local Pittsburgh Pirates are playing.

A Jalapeno Chili Dog

A staple for any event on the West Coast! It is a perfect dish for any game, whatever the sport is. It makes a win that much taste and a loss a lot more comforting. Get during or after the game, the effect is the same.

Nacho Daddy

The Big A, also known as the Angel Stadium of Anaheim, home to the Los Angeles Angels, will treat you with a Nacho Daddy. It’s a simple baseball helmet packed with chips, guacamole, cheese, and everything else you can find in a Mexican restaurant for your pleasure.

You support the team and have a good snack while doing so.

Another Baseball Helmet with Nachos

Not to be outdone by the Nacho Daddy, the Target Field has its own version of a baseball helmet filled with nachos. If you come to support the Minneapolis Twins you better get the staple dish that shows that you are a true fan. Get yourself a nacho baseball helmet and enjoy the game like a boss.

The Colombian Dog

A great thing about the Colombian Dog is that you can find it nearly anywhere! It is a staple at any MLB event and you can get it during the entire season.

But what exactly is a Colombian Dog?

Picture this: crushed potato chips, pineapple sauce, garlic mayo, and some ketchup on top. Not really easy on the stomach but perfect for a baseball game.