For most of us, taking paid leave means either staying at home or paying for a certain number of days at a certain location; we do all of that to either travel or take a break from work by staying at home, playing video games until the dawn or having fun online via However, not all people do that. Some use their free time for other purposes: some people often try to scam the countries and hotels they are trying to visit, in order to get a better vacation experience. Here are a few tricks that are commonly used that should definitely not exist. Let the record show that I do not approve of these methods.


When visiting an exotic country, people often pay special care to make sure their visas are in order and that they can stay for a certain number of days. That being said, there are those that like to buy a one-way ticket, overstay their welcome, and simply chill out until the immigration police pick them up. That way, they get to spend a few extra days in the country of their choice, and the flight home is free.

There are a couple of reasons this is not a good idea, starting with the fact that it’s plain illegal. You are going to get yourself on a no-fly list, you might be banned from traveling to that specific country or all countries, there is a fine, and you may even face jail time. To avoid this, the border patrol often asks you whether you are staying for work or pleasure and how long you expect your trip to last. They will likely notice if you only have a one-way ticket, as well.

Getting Married

While it is difficult to imagine people using this just strategy to prolong a vacation, it is something that is done in certain countries when you want to become a permanent resident. For example, it is legal and possible to get married in the USA with a tourist visa and many other countries follow the same rules.

However, this is too much trouble to simply extend your stay, especially when you consider the fees and bureaucracy for such procedures. It is much more likely that the person in question is using their vacation as a means to get a Green Card or its equivalent.


One method people take advantage of involves tricking companies that are looking for employees. This scam takes a bit of planning and the appropriate qualifications for the position, or at least the ability to falsify the qualifications in question.

What scammers do in this situation is look for ads in areas where they want to take a vacation. After sending their CV and scheduling an interview, some companies are willing to reimburse the prospective candidate for traveling expenses. In theory, you could plan a vacation to Greece, for example,  apply for a job there, get paid to get there and spend your vacation with no intention of getting the said job.


It is amazing what some hotels will do for the young honeymooners! Some people will announce their non-existent honeymoon in order to get a few complimentary gifts, like a room upgrade free of charge, some champagne, or an extended stay. Luckily, this grift does not work in the same place twice. Still, if you are a hotel owner, you may want to ask additional questions or think twice before offering such benefits.