Living in our modern world isn’t always easy. Stress, non-stop work, responsibilities, and numerous problems that we face every day can take a huge toll on us. Therefore, we find ways to remove that unnecessary stress from our lives – some by watching funny TV shows, some by placing a few online bets using SaharaGames bonus, and others by traveling.

We travel for different reasons, to unwind, enjoy the sunny beach, learn about different cultures, see different monuments, and experience new things. However, there are travelers who really enjoy adding new feats of strength to their list. Conquering mountains, paragliding, bungee jumping, and all sorts of other things that give you that adrenalin rush which makes you feel more alive. These are all unique experiences and are definitely worth pursuing. To that end, I have compiled a list of destinations that any adrenaline junkie should visit. 

Cape Town 

Although seemingly peaceful this coroner of South Africa provides a plethora of opportunities for your inner adventurer. What better way to channel your inner daredevil than dive in waters with the highest great white shark population. Of course, you don’t have to throw caution to the wind entirely, since these underwater behemoths can easily tear you to shreds. You will be in a steel cage where they can’t get to you, and just seeing them up close should be scary enough. Think about it, the only thing keeping you alive is the cage, isn’t that scary enough? Once you have had your fix of the danger zone, you can fly along the beautiful coast in a gyrocopter and surf.  

Las Vegas

Putting all of your life savings on a poker game or blackjack is definitely a unique and thrilling experience.

However, this is not what I had in mind when I included Las Vegas on the list. In addition to casinos, Las Vegas has the Stratosphere tower, which has 108 floors, and you can jump down. The drop is 855 feet, so it’s definitely going to be unlike anything you’ve tried before. You can ride a zipline through Fremont Street and hover above others like Superman. Finally, you can take Nascar driving classes, where you learn how to drift which is also not something you should try at home.  


Thanks to massive Victoria Falls, Livingstone is an ideal destination for adrenaline junkies. For starters, you can hang over the edge and dangle above Devils Pool, but if this type of activity is not dynamic enough for you, the Zambezi river has you covered. Strap on your life jacket and conquer the rapids with your Whitewater rafting instructor. If you think the stakes are not high enough, bear in mind that the river has both hippos and crocs, so it’s pretty dangerous.  


Kathmandu is an ancient city surrounded by towering Himalayas, and it offers plenty of adventurous treks that you can hop onto. Clearly, if you are coming here it is for one reason and that is to conquer Mt. Everest and see the view from the top of the world. Bear in mind that the real hero will always be your guide, he has the most dangerous job, and he goes back and forth to guide people to the top and needs to test every route for safety, which makes them bravest people in the world.