The idea of having a weekend break in France sounds really tempting, romantic, and relaxing to some us, while I believe some people would rather spend their vacation by watching NBA or NFL on their couch, with the addition of reading about sportwetten vergleich, or sports news. But to some us who would prefer to spend our vacation by going away, what would be the perfect place to visit in France when you have so many options and only two days? Well, if you want to learn about the hidden gems of Frace you can check out some of these top destinations that would be perfect for a short but fun trip! Check out these destinations and discover some of the best things to do while you are spending the weekend in France. 


This French town is all you need to have a short trip while exploring some great museums with artworks from Monet and Cézanne. It is a beautiful fairy-tale like harbor place with semi-detached buildings along the coastline. The city’s port called the Vieux Bassin is a perfect place for having a walk and taking a few selfies in front of their antique stone salt stores. One of the main touristic attractions is the Église Sainte Catherine and the Deauville and Trouville resorts from the 19th century. 

If you are wondering about their local kitchen, Honfleur is famous for four its apple desserts, especially tarts and amazing seafood. Drinking a coffee while overlooking the harbor filled with boats is great, but pricey. 


In case you are a fan of champagne, this is the perfect northeastern French city where you can taste some of the world’s greatest sparkly wines. In addition, you can visit some of the most popular Champagne houses around the town or go on an adventure outside the city center. Ther are many smaller champagne makers around the city where you can go wine tasting, visit vineyards, and even get a snack while you are at it. 

Some of the popular places tourist visits are the Palace of Tau and the city’s Roman Porte Mars gate which are under UNESCO’s protection. The city also has tons of art museums and the ones dedicated to the Second World War. Looking for a great place to eat while in Reims? Try le Foch where you can get some peculiar local dished along with great wine. Another great place is Café du Palais serving bistro food. 


A beautiful historic Burgundy city perfect for a short weekend trip to France. It is known for having good wine, great food, and distinctive house roofs. This winemaking place is surrounded by beautiful vineyards that can offer you a history lesson of its winemaking at the Marché au Vins, and exploring of their wine cellars. If you are up for some cycling, you can go on a guided 60km long tour along the Routes des Grands Crus – and see some of the greatest wine-growing plates. 

Love to try new and tasty food? Beaune is the place for that. Here you can eat dishes made with wine, or be precise in Burgundy wine. Try tasting food at the local restaurants such as Maison du Colombier or Ma Cuisine. 

And, not to forget, the Abbaye de Maizières is a must-see place which is actually a 12-century old abbey with incredible architecture. If you are a fan of arched doorways and antique spiral staircases this is a perfect place to visit while in Beaune.