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Senegal Lions Celebrate
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A Review of the 20th Century in Africa

The Majestic 'Anthem'
The Majestic 'African Anthem'
Composer: Chief Okereke
The masterfully composed -
'African Anthem'

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- Bushmen -
Fight For Survival

Botswana Bushman
Botswana Bushmen
Botswana Bushman
fights for survival

African Union
Success or Failure?

Dr Essop Pahad is minister in the office of the presidency - South Africa
Dr Essop Pahad
Why AU will succeed -Pahad

Abacha Flashback
Late General Sanni Abacha
Late Gen. Abacha
'Support' from a US senator
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Aids Patient
An Aids Patient
AIDS Epidemic Worsening

Male Pregnancy
Lee Mingwei, first pregnant man
Lee Mingwei
Mingwei, first pregnant man

Domestic Violence(DV)
Domestic Violence: Human not Gender
Husband & Wife in a Tussle
DV: Human not Gender

An AIDS Patient
HIV Biting Harder in Nigeria
Nigeria: An Aids Time Bomb

US firms face slave reparations suit
Slavery Lasted For Over 250 Yrs.
*Firms May Pay For Slavery
Important Slavery Timeline:-
1502: 1st reported African slaves in the New World
1791: Haitian slave uprising
1820: U.S. law makes slave trading piracy, punishable by death
1831: A large-scale slave revolt in Jamaica
1833: Britain passes the Abolition of Slavery Act

The Abiola Choronology
Late Chief M.K.O. Abiola
Late Chief M.K.O. Abiola
How Abiola was killed
[The 3 Month Choronology]
Election Annulment: June 12, '93
Death: July 7, '98
Birth: August 24, '37
The Sequence: June, July, Aug.
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Abiola: A Miracle Child

Jonas Savimbi, Unita Rebel Leader
Jonas Savimbi, UNITA Leader
Jonas Savimbi is Dead

Goats could lactate malaria vaccine milk
Goats could lactate vaccine milk
Goats May Fight Off Malaria

'Oil drilling' to shift to moon
Wake Up Africa !
Wake up Africa

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