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    Breaking News Alert - Tuesday, February 10, 2009
      'Ugochukwu, Abia Guber Winner'  
    [ Victory Presicted For Onyema Ugochukwu in Abia Guber Appeal ] - Nigeria: Nancy Killefer, the management consultant and former Treasury official who had been picked by President Obama to serve as the country's chief performance officer, has withdrawn from consideration for the post, White House officials.... Click here to read full story.
    Breaking News Alert Photo
    Map of Abia State
    Photo Above: Map of Abia State

    Click For - Victory Presicted For Ugochukwu

    [ Breaking News - Tuesday, February 10, 2009 ]
    * Nigerian president plans pay cut for officials
    * Darfur peace talks begin in Doha
    * Kotoko fire coach Cooreman
    * South Africa poll set for April
    * Red Cross short of funds for Zimbabwe
    * US Senate approves stimulus plan
    * Bomb kills 4 U.S. soldiers in Iraq
    * Fugitive fraudster Director of Nigeria-Sao-Tome joint venture
    * Global Economic Crunch: Nigeria loses N812bn
    * Iran's positive response to Obama overtures
    * Women in Italian right-to-die case reported dead
    * Turnout up amid tight Israel race
    * Victory Presicted For Onyema Ugochukwu

    Breaking News Alert - Monday, February 9, 2009
      Lawyer Attacked in Court with Feces  
    [ "Man Attacks His Lawyer In Court With Feces" ] - USA: Man Attacks His Lawyer In Court With Feces A mistrial was declared Monday when a home-invasion robbery suspect smeared human feces on his attorney's face then threw more at the jury. Weusi McGowan, 37, was upset because San Diego Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Fraser refused to remove Deputy Alternate Public Defender Jeffrey Martin from the case, prosecutor Christopher Lawson said. At the mid-morning break, McGowan produced a plastic baggie filled with fecal matter and....... Click here to read full story.

    News Feature Alert - Monday, February 9, 2009
      Masterweb Symbols  
    [ View Masterweb Symbols & Fly Her Flag ] - The crowned lion represents Masterweb's cyber leadership of Nigeria and Africa. The black colours of the flag represent Africa, the origin of Masterweb. The white colour represents the peaceful orientation of Masterweb towards African democratization and industrialization through grassroot mobilization and information dissemination; it also represents....... Click here for Full Details.
    News Feature Alert Photo
    Masterweb Flag
    Photo Above: Masterweb Flag ( Fly it!! )

    [ Breaking News - Monday, February 9, 2009 ]
    * 2011: CDC adopts Yar'Adua as presidential candidate
    * e-Payment delays salaries of Nigerian public servants
    * Africa, great promise for investors stung by crisis
    * Why East Asia develops quickly, and Africa stagnates
    * Sea levels may rise 25pc more than expected
    * Dozens missing as Australian bushfires kill 116
    * Australian drugged, shot and chopped up mother
    * Netanyahu: Israel won't cede Golan Heights
    * Guatemala torches drug crops in biggest sweep
    * Taliban beheads Polish engineer in Pakistan
    * Taliban video of Polish hostage beheading
    * Pakistan pounds militants in Bajaur

    Breaking News Alert - Sunday, February 8, 2009
      Idi Amin Gov For Ugandan Presidency  
    [ Idi Amin governor to join campaign trail for Ugandan president ] - Uganda: The former assistant provincial governor in Idi Amin's government has pledged to "strongly campaign" for the current Ugandan president's re-election in....... Click here to read full story.
      Iraqi Women's Minister Resigns  
    [ Iraqi women's minister resigns in protest ] - Iraq's state minister for women's affairs has quit to protest a lack of resources for a daunting task -- improving the lives of "a full army of widows" and other women left poor or abandoned by....... Click here to read full story.
    Breaking News Alert Photo
    Nawal al-Samarraie
    Photo Above: Nawal al-Samarraie
     talks to The Associated Press about her decision to resign as Iraq's state minister of women's affairs during an interview in Baghdad, Sunday, Feb. 8, 2009. Women lawmakers called on al-Samarraie, to reverse her decision to resign. Al-Samarraie, a Sunni, said she had asked to step down due because her office was not a full ministry and had been given insufficient authority and resources to help the widows and other women facing great hardship in the country. (AP Photo/Karim Kadim)

    Special News Picture - Sunday, February 8, 2009
      Worship At Masterweb  
    Picture says it all
    Photo Above: Picture says it all

    Click For Enlarged Photo
    Click To Worship At Masterweb

    [ Breaking News - Sunday, February 8, 2009 ]
    * Lost tourism just another of Zimbabwe's many troubles
    * Zimbabwe may adopt rand
    * US diplomat expelled from Ecuador
    * Deadliest Australian bushfire claims 84 lives
    * Nigeria loses N14 trillion to oil theft
    * Nearly 14,000 flee Sri Lanka's war zone
    * At least 24 killed in Brazilian plane crash
    * US fishermen trapped on ice slab
    * Iran building four more satellites
    * 3 feared killed as Nigerian militants strike again!
    * Nigeria's "go slow" leader
    * Worship At Masterweb

    Breaking News Alert - Saturday, February 7, 2009
      Attempt To Cut-Off Woman's Breasts  
    [ Man tries to cut off lover's breast implants ] - Australia: A jealous lover wanted to cut off his ex-girlfriend's breasts to "reclaim" the breast implants that he had paid for. Armed with a knife and lurking in the....... Click here to read full story.
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    Breaking News Alert Photo
    One of Nigeria Television Authority ( NTA ) broadcast satellite dish antennas
    Photo Above: One of Nigeria Television Authority ( NTA ) broadcast satellite dish antennas

    Special News Picture - Saturday, February 7, 2009
      Watch Nigerian TV Abroad  
      Also Watch Foreign TVs in US, Canada & Mexico  
    A Nigeria Television Authority ( NTA ) truck
    Photo Above: A Nigeria Television Authority ( NTA ) truck
      *NTA is the largest Africa TV network and is growing into a major global news network.
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      - *For doubting Thomases call 414-241-9332 ( Ask for Emma Adekoya ) for testimony on our NTA System.
    [ Watch NTA Live in US, Canada & Mexico + Over 100 Other TV Stations ] - You can now bring Nigeria to the comfort of your home and family by receiving Nigeria Television Authority ( NTA ) live on your TV. This can be made possible by purchasing our equipment, which will enable you receive NTA and over 100 other stations worldwide. You own the equipment and do not have to pay any monthly subscription fees to receive NTA and the other stations. This means that you receive the stations free of charge..... Click here to read full story.
    Breaking News Alert Photo

      *For doubting Thomases call 414-241-9332 ( Ask for Emma Adekoya ) for testimony on our NTA System.


    Satellite Dish Nigeria Television Authority ( NTA )  Logo Satellite Dish
    Satellite Recceiver
    Live in U.S., Canada & Mexico

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    [ Breaking News - Saturday, February 7, 2009 ]
    * Teething formula kills 84 Nigerian children
    * Rwandans in DRC heading home
    * Pirates to free Egyptian ship for million dollars
    * U.S. octuplets were product of six embryos
    * Rockets hit Pakistan Police station
    * Bogus emails offering stimulus payments
    * 'Greek cannery hid illegal workers in freezer'
    * Sri Lanka rejects calls for ceasefire
    * KBR charged with bribing Nigerian officials for contracts
    * US jobless rate hits 7.6 per cent
    * UN agency halts aid to Gaza

    Breaking News Alert -Friday, February 6, 2009
      U.S. African Night Celebration  
    [ African Night celebrates culture ] - USA: The spirit of Africa was upon the College of St. Catherine (CSC) community the evening of Nov. 17. With the theme "One love, One Contient, Mama Africa", the celebration was full of culture, spirit, dance, and expression. The event, presented by St. Catherine's International Student Organization (SCISO) and co-sponsored by MIPS, the Student of Color taskforce, concluded International Student Week. The entire week was devoted to....... Click here to read full story.
      Women Beat 'Rapist' To Death  
    [ Alleged rapist beaten to death ] - South Africa: An alleged rapist was beaten to death by a group of 21 women in Engcobo, Eastern Cape police said on Thursday. Captain Mzukisi Fatyela said 21 women....... Click here to read full story.

    Special News Pictures - Friday, February 6, 2009
      U.S. African Night Celebration  
    Map of Africa
    Photo Above: Map of Africa

    Click For - African Night celebrates culture

    [ Breaking News - Friday, February 6, 2009 ]
    * Zimbabwe Senate passes constitutional bill for unity govt
    * U.S. court finds Nigerian guilty of killing wife
    * Somali pirates begin to leave Faina with ransom
    * African Night celebrates culture
    * Moroccan roof collapse kills 6 children
    * 60-year-old Canadian gives birth to twins
    * January sees highest US soldier suicides
    * Court re-opens Nigerian Savannah Bank, 7 yrs after
    * US unemployment measure surges
    * Obama's expert warns of doom
    * Bulgaria father decapitates two sons in the street

    Breaking News Alert - Thursday, February 5, 2009
      Goat Found Decapitated  
    [ Officers Find Another Goat Beheaded ] - USA: Okaloosa County Animal Services officials believe the person responsible for a series of grizzly animal abuse cases dating back to 2007 is back at it again. The latest incidents happened yesterday when an Okaloosa County sheriff's deputies discovered a decapitated goat in Ft. Walton Beach. There have been a total of 11 mutilations and investigators could ..... Click here to read full story.
      US Councilman Arrested For Prostitution  
    [ Iowa councilman arrested in prostitution sting ] - USA: A Council Bluffs City Council member was among six men arrested in a prostitution sting, police said Wednesday. Councilman Darren Bates, who was elected to the council in 2005, was arrested on Tuesday, Police Chief Ralph O'Donnell said. Bates, who is married with two children, has ..... Click here to read full story.
      Qaddafi New African Union Head  
    [ Qaddafi named African Union head ] - Libyan President Muammar el-Qaddafi has been named the new head of the 53-member African Union. He was elected by the African heads of State in a closed-door session, for..... Click here to read full story.
    Breaking News Alert Photo
    Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan President & New African Union Head
    Photo Above: Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, Libyan President & New African Union Head

    Special News Pictures - Thursday, February 5, 2009
      5,500-Year-Old Tomb Found  
    Map of East Africa showing Sudan and other countries
    Photo Above: Map of East Africa showing Sudan and other countries

    Click For - 5,500-yr-old tomb found in Sudan

    [ Breaking News - Thursday, February 5, 2009 ]
    * Panic as Unilever, PZ threaten to leave Nigeria
    * FG plans relief package for Nigerians
    * Cameroon and Nigeria blasted
    * French foreign minister 'took cash from African dictators'
    * How Africa can benefit from Obama's administration
    * Sudan army takes key Darfur town
    * Somali gunmen kill head of media house
    * Zimbabwe judge gets some Mugabe justice
    * 5,500-year-old tomb unearthed in Sudan
    * Israel fires at aid ship destined for Gaza
    * British Council says harassed in Iran and halts work
    * USA: Car bomb injures head of medical board
    * Taliban fighters kidnap 30 Pakistani policemen
    * Obama announces executive pay caps
    * Israel's Netanyahu vows to topple Hamas

    Breaking News Alert - Wednesday, February 4, 2009
      Advertise On Nigerian TV  
    [ Advertise On NTA For Less ] - Masterweb in partnership with NTA International and North Star Multimedia have completed arrangements in making advertisements on NTA Network more affordable. You can now place advertisements on NTA with savings up to 20% and sometimes more, through..... Click here to read full story.
    Breaking News Alert Photo
    A Nigeria Television Authority ( NTA ) truck
    Photo Above: A Nigeria Television Authority ( NTA ) truck

    Special News Picture - Wednesday, February 4, 2009
      Advertise On NTA For Less  
    One of Nigeria Television Authority ( NTA ) broadcast satellite dish antennas
    Photo Above: One of Nigeria Television Authority ( NTA ) broadcast satellite dish antennas
      *NTA is the largest Africa TV network and is growing into a major global news network.
    Click - To Advertise On NTA For Less
    Click - To Receive NTA on Your TV

    [ Breaking News - Wednesday, February 4, 2009 ]
    * History, As Nigerian Finds Cure for Diabetes
    * Gaddafi walks out of talks
    * West shifts policy on Zimbabwe
    * African singer sues Jacko, Rihanna
    * Congo frees 85 child soldiers
    * Ceasefire urged as 52 killed in Sri Lanka war zone
    * Hamas seizes food aid, blankets
    * Jobless Chinese crowd countryside
    * Israel warns of 'severest riposte' to new Gaza rocket
    * Clinton calls for 'viable' Palestinian state
    * India to produce new $20 laptop
    * Snow strands 2,000 Eurostar passengers overnight
    * Nigerian ex-minister's wife kidnapped
    * Nigerian Oil Worker Kidnapped

    Special News Feature
    Nigeria: What 2011 could portend for SE, SS
    U.S. Election Results
    U.S. Election Special Report
    Masterweb Endorses Obama For US Presidency
    Why Highly Placed Nigerians Love Wiesbaden
    Nigeria Continues to Rob us of Our Best
    New Nigerian militants threaten war
    Chronology of Nigerian militants' Attacks
    Malawi panics over Nigerian 419 messages
    J. U. Agwu Passes On
    Dr. Usman Memorial Lecture
    African Union Fraud Alert
    AU Shame & Nothing More
    Nigerian Alleges being Cheated By AU
    Army, Police Block Protesting MASSOB
    Court grants Biafra leader bail
    Nigerian beaten to death in India
    Resolving Cabinet Crisis in Kenya
    How Nigerian was robbed of AU award
    Listen to Chief Okereke's winning anthem
    American Race Issue
    Disclaimer: Black President '08 Film
    Mercy Alu speaks on Obama, Clinton
    Masterweb unfolds details of her symbols
    Masterweb Launches Flag
    MUST Questions for Iwu at tribunal
    Saddam Faked WMDs To Scare Iran
    UK jails Nigerian dentist for theft
    Open Letter To Yar'Adua On AU Competition
    Coming Soon: Spray-on Condom
    Jurist's Lifetime with Destiny: Late Justice Arikpo
    Masterweb wins Black Web Award
    Poem composed for Chief Okereke
    Re: Before the sun sets on Ndigbo
    Nigerian students found dead in Malaysia
    MASSOB on the Run to Escape Arrest
    UN victory for indigenous people
    Black President '08 actors & actresses wanted
    Nigerian in Malawi accused of raping daughter
    Gambia arrests Nigerians with drugs in belly
    Ex-Nigerian boxing champ killed in UK
    Djibouti: Plying smoothly in troubled waters
    Jealous wife cuts-off husband's penis
    Nigeria: Abia PDP Chairman Dies In Hotel
    US accuses Nigerian of terrorist threat
    Nigerian kills self for failure to cram Koran
    Ilodianya is President of Ndi-Igbo in Arkansas
    Chad president's son found dead in Paris
    Okiro Needs Igbo Support
    Can Obasanjo & co-horts conquer Ndigbo?
    Somailand's hedgehog attitude will prevail
    Open Letter To Tony Blair & Gordon Brown
    Video of Celebration of Africa in US
    Violence Continues in Nkerehi
    Open Letter to AU Chairman on fraudulent.....
    Nigerian Consulate in NY takes giant stride
    The Somali untouchables
    Torture of Nigerian Barrister
    Re: Nnamani's Faux Pas
    Nigerian chief murdered in UK, 3 held
    Nigeria: Misery & Anguish in Onitsha
    If Nigeria thought like Venezuela
    Uwandu: Imo man of the year
    Land Crisis in Nigerian Community
    Climate change concern: why now?
    Video of Diaspora Igbo Child Empowerment
    The Curse of the Black African
    Masterweb Approves Nigerian Agents
    Nigerian doc gets 1 yr ban in Britain
    Nigerian beheaded in Saudi Arabia
    Lutheran missionaries for Nigerian bible project
    Leadership is Parenthood
    MASSOB disruption of Heart of Africa video
    Chronology of Nigerian militants' Attacks
    Igbos petition Obasanjo on Enugu Airport
    Nigerian gets 9 yrs for rape in Ireland
    Video of Saddam Funeral
    Nigeria 2006 Census Figures
    Nigerian Army Ex-Motorbike Video
    Nigerian kills wife in Maryland, US
    Video of Saddam Hanging
    Saddam buried in his home village
    Oh God, why did you curse Nigeria?
    Nigerian corpse in Belize sea
    PDP 2007 Convention Results
    9/11 Videos( Terrorists Attack US )
    Tears Of My People
    Gulf War( Operation Desert Storm ) Videos
    Nigerian in court for murder of Irish woman
    Nigerian alleges wife tried to cut-off his penis
    Biafran activists disrupt minister's speech in London
    Iran-Iraq war documentary videos
    Is China colonizing Africa?
    Video of Saddam death verdict
    Adopt villages, not pet children
    Video of Saddam Trial of May 24, 2006
    Video of Saddam Trial of May 22, 2006
    Saddam sentenced to death
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            Special News Feature Continued

    *TOP NEWS!!
    [ Top News - Saturday, February 7, 2009 ]
    * African Night celebrates culture

    Listen to 'African Anthem'
    * South African woman in coma after rape ordeal
    * Egypt re-opens Gaza crossing for wounded Palestinians
    * Heavy clashes in Somali capital
    * Ugandan rebels walk out of talks after deals signed
    * Whither the stranded Africans
    * Despite Obama's native-son aura, area's Africans split
    * Malawian cuts off, sells boy's genitals
    * Guinea model's body found
    * Racist African students exposed in newspapers
    * Odinga pledges to rebuild Kenya
    * At least nine killed in Somalia
    * Kenyan rivals sign coalition deal
    * Desperate Africans seek unlikely refuge in Yemen
    * Outrage over South Africa 'racist' uni video
    * Kenyan town plans Obama photo protest
    * Masterweb Launches Her Flag
    * Zimbabwe arrests water meter readers
    * Bush calls for attention in Africa
    * Designer puts Rwanda on map
    * Kenya poll negotiations suspended
    * 200 African migrants held in Israel
    * African designer's dream
    * Kenya peace talks reach impasse
    * South African woman stabs neighbour with lamp
    * Nigerians still suffering, despite resources
    * Nigerian armed robbers trade acussations
    * South African grandfather held for rape

    * Chavez warns of "war" if Colombia strikes Venezuela
    * Iran sanctions ineffective
    * Deadly Israeli Attacks Kill 52
    * Pakistan suicide bomb kills 35
    * Clinton trails in Texas and deadlocked in Ohio
    * Prince Harry rejects 'hero' label
    * Suicide bomber kills 38 at Pakistan funeral
    * Afghanistan breaks opium mark
    * Guatemala bus plunges off cliff killing 37
    * One in 100 US adults behind bars
    * Turkey says Iraq offensive over
    * Iraq approves execution of 'Chemical Ali'
    * Big boosts for Spanish crime fighters
    * Penis mutilator gets 18 years
    * Vitamin E linked to lung cancer
    * 26 dead in Bangladesh ferry accident
    * Harvard Scholars to Explore Net Safety
    * Train crushes 16 to death in western India
    * Jealous man emails lover's nude photos
    * Key Clinton backer moves to Obama
    * First pages of Encyclopedia of Life go online
    * Colombian rebels free 4 hostages
    * EU hits Microsoft with record 899 million euro antitrust fine
    * Python eats family dog
    * Five militants die in Gaza strike
    * Guess who's playing Mike Tyson in a feature film
    * Student fined for sex with prof
    * Chinese boy loses arm to lion
    * Woman 'gives birth hanging from tree'
    * Bus bomb in north Iraq kills 14
    * Pakistan YouTube block causes global problems
    * Planes collide in Australia
    * Robed Obama picture ignites row
    * Wheelchair bomber kills cop
    * Fancy footwear for German dogs
    * Suicide bomber kills 40 Shiite pilgrims in Iraq
    * Taliban call for peace talks
    * Iran warns of sanction reprisals
    * Pakistan Blocks YouTube Video Access
    * Snowstorms kill 129 in China
    * Saudi men arrested for 'flirting'
    * 25 people killed in Saudi bus crash

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